2020 Doughies Family Carbon Footprint

The last two years I have started a seasonal tradition of reviewing and publishing our personal carbon footprint for the year. The year is not yet over, so arguably a bit early, but it's a rough rainy day here in Lochaber and so a good day to contemplate in the big brown chair by the… Continue reading 2020 Doughies Family Carbon Footprint

2019 Doughies Family Carbon Footprint

Last year I published our 2018 carbon footprint, and now can say how we got on in 2019. Below is a graph showing the last two years side by side:- Exploring each category in turn as a comparison to last year:- Electricity We used a bit more electricity (7504kWh) in 2019 compared to 6660 kWh… Continue reading 2019 Doughies Family Carbon Footprint