10 founding ingredients

These are 10 founding ingredients of the dough that is doughies.

They are founding principles.

These are lines in the sand (or in our case the flour).

They are the levain that makes us grow.

We hope that they will help give you a grasp of what we are about; we will look to these 10 things as we grow this business; let them rise, rebuke and shape us.

1. #realbread Only make bread from real ingredients (flour, water, salt & yeast) – add nothing but time; enrich with only pure wholesome ingredients.

2. #localfuel Bake this bread using locally produced fuel; be that local wood in the fire and/or local renewable electricity on the hob.

3. #treadlightly Distribute bread locally with care and be mindful of the footprint of doing so – use feet, bikes, canoes and cars (in that order).

4. #soundsuppliers Only use ingredients and work with businesses who we’d invite to our dinner table (and then do so!). Lend them a hand when in need and in kind they will do the same.

5. #notforprofit Not bake for profit. We draw a fair wage for time spent at the dough table, but all excess money shall not make us rich but instead grow the business & do good (see no 7).

6. #educate Involve, educate and share bread skills, time and oven space with the local community.

7. #do-good Share bread with the hungry, warm both the bakehouse and people’s hearts.

8. #playregularly Not work too hard; nor try get too big – balance baking bread and drawing a wage with fun and well being.

9. #workco-operatively work towards an employee owned co-operative

10. #craftmanship Use our hands not machines when baking wherever possible – focus on embedded time and quality, not speed and quantity