Crofting – Imagining some Closed loop fermented food fiction

Each autumn on the Croft the land is cultivated and sown with precious rye seed kept safe for this very moment. In the September sun it shoots forth, and lays down its roots, before the approaching Highland dreich and winter frosts. Cows brae from the cow barn, and during the dark winter night the rye… Continue reading Crofting – Imagining some Closed loop fermented food fiction

Brewing some Sourdough Bread Beer

So, 2017 has officially begun, and we started it off in by travelling to Bute to help brew some beer...! As some of you will know, we have been collecting waste sourdough throughout 2016. All those loaves not purchased from the Deli / markets, or seconds that didn't make the grade, have made their way… Continue reading Brewing some Sourdough Bread Beer

Sourdough Culture – What’s in it?

One of the questions I am exploring as part of writing a guide on Sourdough cultures is "what is in a typical sourdough culture?" Magic? No. Micro-organisms? Yes. Lots of micro-organisms; numerous strains with long latin names. But broadly speaking there are two micro-organisms - wild yeasts (the "yeasties") and bacteria (the "beasties"). Although an over… Continue reading Sourdough Culture – What’s in it?


I'm all in a ferment thinking about the simple process of fermentation. To ferment - also read agitation; unrest; excitement; commotion; tumult. Fermentation is a group of living micro organisms (yeasts, molds, and certain bacterias) that can create wonderful exciting food. A sourdough culture (a fermentation of flour and water) is just one example of fermenting, and the one doughies have… Continue reading Fermentation

#realbread + #realale = #realnice

Abs has been mucking around with two crates of waste beer from the guys at Glenfinnan Brewery - our local ale makers. The beer is waste as a batch gone wrong whereby a bunch of the wrong type of yeasties took over during the fermentation process. So instead of a sweet yeasty taste the beer… Continue reading #realbread + #realale = #realnice