Brewing some Sourdough Bread Beer

So, 2017 has officially begun, and we started it off in by travelling to Bute to help brew some beer…!

As some of you will know, we have been collecting waste sourdough throughout 2016. All those loaves not purchased from the Deli / markets, or seconds that didn’t make the grade, have made their way into the freezer. And not just us; our friends Liz and Stuart at Greenfry (think ace Bute micro bakery & cafe) have been doing the same. Between us we had enough for a brew, and thanks to Aiden at the Bute Brew Company  there is now a 500l test batch of beer made with waste sourdough to an open source recipe from Toast Ale. It’s due to sit in a fementing tank, bubbling away to reach a 4.3% alcohol content, before this golden beer will head into a conditioning tank for a month of chilling, before we all get to taste and distribute for feedback. Slow food (and drink) takes time, just like sourdough – if your interested in getting some of this first batch (or you can come up with an apt sourdough beer name for the brew!) contact us. Pictures below to wet your tastebuds….

Slicing defrosted sourdoughs ready for toasting
Toasting slices of sourdough to dry and caramelise
Toasted and broken up sourdough ready to be weighed
Welcome to the Bute Brew Co brewery, run by Aiden and some local helpers – a 1000l batch capacity microbrewery (good food comes in small sizes)
Mash ingredients weighed out ready for brewing
That’s the mash tun in the centre where the mash ingredients will be steeped in hot water for 1-1.5hr
A sneaky peak at the saturated mash
Aggravating the mash and having a good ol smell
Sparging and washing out the mash
The sodden mash of waste bread and malted barley, now drained of sugary golden water, is now destined for pig feed or compost
And out comes the beer….
The beer travels from mash tun to boiling vessel, where it is boiled and hops are added
Weighing out the precious English hops
A brewers lunch
Bute Brews blue and yellow casks (fondly known as minons…)
Enjoying St.Ninians Bay, Isle of Bute

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