Oven, Business Planning and Realbread

Bit quiet on the blog front - so much fun stuff to do! Anyway, here's a little update for ye:- Oven Doughies wood fired oven (mark 1) has arrived from Vitcas. It's made up of five pieces of refractory concrete which dovetail together to form a dome with internal diameter about 800mm. Its our first… Continue reading Oven, Business Planning and Realbread

Starting small – oven ordered

After a lot of thought, several books read & multiple conversations had, we've taken the plunge and ordered a modular pre-fab oven from the well respected guys at Vitcas in Bristol. This is going to be a massive step up from the domestic electric oven we're currently using and should see doughies begin to rise. It should… Continue reading Starting small – oven ordered