Spring feels on the verge of being sprung

Spring feels on the verge of being sprung, with the slow quiet dark of winter poised for the leap. Seeds are being sorted, separated, sown and sprouted; the dexter cows are eager for a galloped separation to the hill whereas the Muirshearlich blackface hill sheep have slowly been sorted in close for in-bye sprouting of… Continue reading Spring feels on the verge of being sprung

Brewing some Sourdough Bread Beer

So, 2017 has officially begun, and we started it off in by travelling to Bute to help brew some beer...! As some of you will know, we have been collecting waste sourdough throughout 2016. All those loaves not purchased from the Deli / markets, or seconds that didn't make the grade, have made their way… Continue reading Brewing some Sourdough Bread Beer

Big News – Now Taking Individual Sourdough Orders

BIG NEWS - we are now accepting individual sourdough orders on our weekly sourdough bakes. Come take a look at our new open food network shop at https://openfoodnetwork.org.uk/doughies/shop - haven't added our sourdough loaf pictures yet - but if you know and have tried our bread you know what to expect; and wanted to open this up… Continue reading Big News – Now Taking Individual Sourdough Orders

Precious Produce

As i scrape out the mixer this morning, getting out every last bit of dough into a crate ready for its 4-hour bulk ferment, I am pondering just how precious each scrape of dough actually is. I think the more connected you get to the origins of your food the more your eyes are opened to just… Continue reading Precious Produce

Driving, Facebook and Bread

Driving Scotland pondering what is good Food Today saw me out on the road with the day job, and whilst enjoying the scenery managed to ponder what is good food....by eating some! Popped into well of seven heads for a tasty breakfast roll (check out the new inside seating for those rainy days), and thereafter popped into… Continue reading Driving, Facebook and Bread

Pondering a Locovore Bakehouse

"Do one thing well - it's enough." We've been looking at incremental reductions  we could make to avoid waste of our bread  (see this blog pondering a zero waste bakehouse) and have now turned our attention to embedded distance (distance travelled) of our ingredients.  We're pondering a locovore bakehouse. What's a Locovore? A locavore  is a person interested… Continue reading Pondering a Locovore Bakehouse