Driving, Facebook and Bread

Driving Scotland pondering what is good Food

Today saw me out on the road with the day job, and whilst enjoying the scenery managed to ponder what is good food….by eating some! Popped into well of seven heads for a tasty breakfast roll (check out the new inside seating for those rainy days), and thereafter popped into Manuela’s Wee Bakery in Ardelve, nr Dornie, and got a nice country sourdough/yeasted bread (a rare thing in the highlands let me tell you!). I nearly popped into the West Highland Dairy nr Stomeferry for some Cheese, but then I saw the time…maybe next time. So what is good food? Food made by hand, served with love, with local provenance. Simple eh?

We’re now on Facebook….

Well kind of. I confess to being a bit of tweeter only kind of guy, having committed face-book social suicide a few years ago, and compared to twitter there are a lot of options on Facebook (compared to twitter which has zero options)! So it might be a few days till its all up and running proper. But heh, we’re up on there, and hopefully it will be a useful channel for keeping you all up to speed on bread availability, once its all linked to twitter and the blog.

Ready for some Sourdough?

You can now buy our bread in Delicraft each Saturday, and if you want us to put something to one side for you (or maybe bake you something special), just drop us an email by close of play Thursdays and we’re sort it out. Time to go refresh those levains….and try out our new cooling racks….

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