Brewing some Sourdough Bread Beer

So, 2017 has officially begun, and we started it off in by travelling to Bute to help brew some beer...! As some of you will know, we have been collecting waste sourdough throughout 2016. All those loaves not purchased from the Deli / markets, or seconds that didn't make the grade, have made their way… Continue reading Brewing some Sourdough Bread Beer

Pondering a Zero Waste Bakehouse

Busy getting the bakehouse ready, and have been pondering what a zero waste bakehouse would look like. What do I mean by zero waste? Well as Anne-Marie Bonneau's strap line on zero waste chef  summarises neatly - "no packaging, nothing processed, no waste". There are now a number of zero waste restaurants and cafe's springing up challenging the… Continue reading Pondering a Zero Waste Bakehouse