2020 #Ryevolution Review

It's been a quiet year on the doughies blog. And suddenly two posts fired into the digital ether in the space of a few hours (this is the second, here is the first). If you have been evaluating doughies output purely on blogposts this year, you might think we had disappeared (alas trading this year… Continue reading 2020 #Ryevolution Review

2020 Doughies Family Carbon Footprint

The last two years I have started a seasonal tradition of reviewing and publishing our personal carbon footprint for the year. The year is not yet over, so arguably a bit early, but it's a rough rainy day here in Lochaber and so a good day to contemplate in the big brown chair by the… Continue reading 2020 Doughies Family Carbon Footprint

2019 Doughies Family Carbon Footprint

Last year I published our 2018 carbon footprint, and now can say how we got on in 2019. Below is a graph showing the last two years side by side:- Exploring each category in turn as a comparison to last year:- Electricity We used a bit more electricity (7504kWh) in 2019 compared to 6660 kWh… Continue reading 2019 Doughies Family Carbon Footprint

Our delivery method is changing…

...and we are joining the e-bike revolution. We only have a five-mile delivery journey from the croft bake house to Fort William core area, which we run once or twice a week. And there's a scenic combination of canal tow path and bike track practically the whole way. But to date no e-cargo bikes have… Continue reading Our delivery method is changing…

European Diversity Cereal Festival – Report

Just travelling the slow iron road (train) back to Scotland from Aarhus in Denmark, where over the last few days I’ve been on a micro adventure to the European Diversity Cereal Festival. The three day festival was held at Kalø, the only organic Agricultural College in Denmark. Kalø is located in a rural setting on… Continue reading European Diversity Cereal Festival – Report

Lismore Micro Adventure in the name of Grain

Cycle rack heaving, cycle legs limbering, and with fair highland skies overhead, I departed south on sustain cycle route 78 - from Fort William to Lismore. This gem of a route largely follows the old Oban railway line, and has some lovely detours to coast and glen. The reason for the journey was to take part… Continue reading Lismore Micro Adventure in the name of Grain

Realbread Now Mondays & Thursday

Little summer shoutout we have quietly started to bake bi-weeky - it's the super summer season and the Fort is heaving - so we've opened up another day - the ovens are now fired (with renewable electricity...) on Mondays and Thursday for any in need of some #realbread sourdough. Just go here https://openfoodnetwork.org.uk/doughies/shop to order direct or email us… Continue reading Realbread Now Mondays & Thursday


Ruminations. Ruminating. Ruminate. To think deeply about something. Or perhaps if you are a ruminant, as below, you might instead bring up food from the rumen (the first stomach) and chew deeply on it again. I am often to be found ruminating. To ruminate is a key part for me in developing ideas, solving problems, co-ordinating plans… Continue reading Ruminations