Our delivery method is changing…

…and we are joining the e-bike revolution.

We only have a five-mile delivery journey from the croft bake house to Fort William core area, which we run once or twice a week. And there’s a scenic combination of canal tow path and bike track practically the whole way. But to date no e-cargo bikes have really looked capable of shifting the sheer weight and bulk of sourdough our micro bakery outputs in highland rain and shine.

But I am excited to say we have just had a business loan approved by the energy saving trust for an e-cargo bike trailer – made by Carla Cargo in Germany and imported and customised for doughies by Manchester Bike Hire. This electric cargo trailer hitches to a regular bike and is designed to safely transport a decent quantity of re-usable euro crates (which we already deliver our sourdough in).

So stay tuned and keep an eye out for us 🙂

[interested in getting real bread delivered by bike to your business in Fort William? Drop us a line here and help us change the way we do food here in Lochaber]


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