Crofting – Imagining some Closed loop fermented food fiction

Each autumn on the Croft the land is cultivated and sown with precious rye seed kept safe for this very moment. In the September sun it shoots forth, and lays down its roots, before the approaching Highland dreich and winter frosts. Cows brae from the cow barn, and during the dark winter night the rye… Continue reading Crofting – Imagining some Closed loop fermented food fiction

Branding, Individual Subscriptions & Tweaks

Branding Getting ready for some markets and shows and working on the small but beautiful brand that is doughies. Listening to a talk by Seth Goodwin last night about how to think small to go big, got me thinking about what is the doughies brand? Previously I'd written down the founding principles of doughies here, but as our… Continue reading Branding, Individual Subscriptions & Tweaks

Groundwork X 3

Laying some groundwork at Doughies these past few days. Groundwork no one has been laying the bakehouse floor- nearly there now, just needs some grout and sealer, and then we can start putting the fun stuff back in on our new quarry tile floor.           The second piece of groundwork has been… Continue reading Groundwork X 3

A doughies Christmas roundup

High time we had a little doughies roundup, and seeing as there's only a few days till Christmas, let's make it a Christmas roundup! In no particular order, here's some snippets of news for interested bread-heads :- Bread slicer & bread prover We scored two pieces of new kit for the bakehouse. The first was… Continue reading A doughies Christmas roundup

Event – Lochaber Agricultural Show 2012 – Come get yer bread

Next Saturday (25th August 2012) come find us at the Lochaber Agricultural Show, in a field at Torlundy, by Fort William. Put your wellies on, find your way past the highland beasties and we will be somewhere in the food tent along with other local food producers; come taste some #realbread with your new community… Continue reading Event – Lochaber Agricultural Show 2012 – Come get yer bread