Groundwork X 3

Laying some groundwork at Doughies these past few days.

Groundwork no one has been laying the bakehouse floor- nearly there now, just needs some grout and sealer, and then we can start putting the fun stuff back in on our new quarry tile floor.

Tanking the floor


First two rows of tiles


First bucket of adhesive – 1/3 done


2nd bucket of adhesive – 2/3 done


Floor tiles completed – drain in the corner


The second piece of groundwork has been outside on the croft- we got some guidance on the art of ploughing and a lend of a tractor from a neighbour for a few days, and we’ve been busy ploughing up our in bye for potatoes and oats. The oats is the start of journey to rediscover what grains we can grow here in Lochaber, and how we could integrate those into some nutritious multi-grain sourdoughs.

Two ploughed areas, the left potatoes, the right oats
The view from the cab; soil turning; gulls whirling; sun shining – nothing quite like it.
The tractor

The third and final piece of groundwork is news that Doughies will be having a stall at Made in Lochaber‘s local food trade fair being held Thursday 19th May – 11am to 3pm – Ben Nevis Distillery, Fort William, which is all about Getting local produce onto Lochaber plates! We’re looking forward to meeting some local businesses looking to book some weekly bread crates for their shops/restaurants, starting (wait for it) in June (!)…..more to follow….



2 thoughts on “Groundwork X 3”

  1. excited to see you will be selling bread soon here, my friend in aviemore (bread pedlar) told me about you. could you try growing ‘barley bere’ too? i remember learning about it as a very old type of grain grown and suited to north west scotland when i used to work for lochaber environmental group, we possibly got some from golspie mill cant remember details now!

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