Mid April Update

Nourish – Making a living from Local Food (2016 Coaching Programme)

Last week I attended the opening session of Nourish “making a living from local food” 2016 coaching programme (more here). Lot’s of great people, good chat, in a group of counter-culture people wanting to and doing things different with regard to our food system;  curious to see how this helps Doughies develop this summer. An amazing pot-luck lunch was consumed, with a few doughies sourdoughs chucked in for good measure, with some lovely butter procured from Pillar of Hercules – a nearby organic farm shop and cafe). I was also excited to get a hold of two bags of Mungoswells flour whilst at the pillars – both white and wholemeal bread flour, grown and milled in Scotland. I will share with you the first bake…

Pot-luck Lunch
Pillar of Hercules


Bakehouse weekend update

So I posted earlier late last month here concerning the summer bakehouse plans to get up and running. This month (April) was earmarked for flooring. Well, good old Nourish peer pressure is working, so we got cracking this weekend:-

  • Emptied the bakehouse of kit – now generally strewn around out house, with the proofing cabinet earning its keep as a temporary micro-bakery store!
  • Painted the walls with 2 coats of scrub-able/wash-able white paint
  • Cut & oiled a new oak window cill (took out of pic as I was painting, but it looks really good!)
  • Tidied up the floor substrate, and laid some tanking membrane (orange!) – now all ready for tiling, which is the next task – the floor is all laid to slope into the far corner, so you can mop floor easily.

Bakehouse progress
And last but not least….eggs!

Inspired by an egg point of sale display at the Pillars (and generally an abundance of eggs at the croft) – we finally completed a refurbishment of our old farm gate egg box, and this is now at end of the road – ready for sales of eggs to anyone passing 🙂

Pillars – Eggs for Sale (Inspiration)
Darachbeg Croft – Free-range eggbox

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