Sourdough Baking & Growing Update

Quite quiet on the doughies blog of late, and I thought it was high time for a mid season splurge of words by way of update. Bakehouse Update So our bakehouse has quietly grown in the interim. I reckon we have now gone from nano to pico to micro [and can now officially be labelled… Continue reading Sourdough Baking & Growing Update

Branding, Individual Subscriptions & Tweaks

Branding Getting ready for some markets and shows and working on the small but beautiful brand that is doughies. Listening to a talk by Seth Goodwin last night about how to think small to go big, got me thinking about what is the doughies brand? Previously I'd written down the founding principles of doughies here, but as our… Continue reading Branding, Individual Subscriptions & Tweaks

Bakehouse, Trade Show & Trade Orders!

Bakehouse update Bakehouse had its inaugural test this week baking for the Lochaber local food show (see below) - more kit due to arrive shortly (big table etc), but we think our wee space is going to be just perfect for our 100 sourdough a day target #microbakery. More photos to follow once we've finished... Show… Continue reading Bakehouse, Trade Show & Trade Orders!

Groundwork X 3

Laying some groundwork at Doughies these past few days. Groundwork no one has been laying the bakehouse floor- nearly there now, just needs some grout and sealer, and then we can start putting the fun stuff back in on our new quarry tile floor.           The second piece of groundwork has been… Continue reading Groundwork X 3

Mid April Update

Nourish - Making a living from Local Food (2016 Coaching Programme) Last week I attended the opening session of Nourish "making a living from local food" 2016 coaching programme (more here). Lot's of great people, good chat, in a group of counter-culture people wanting to and doing things different with regard to our food system;… Continue reading Mid April Update

Road Plan to Sourdough this Summer

Felt the need to write down some monthly bakehouse goals - here's our road plan to getting some Sourdoughs out the door to the people of Fort William this summer:- April - Flooring! Just ordered (some nice quarry tiles) May - Door! The bakehouse needs an internal door to keep it seperate from the house -… Continue reading Road Plan to Sourdough this Summer

Pondering a Zero Waste Bakehouse

Busy getting the bakehouse ready, and have been pondering what a zero waste bakehouse would look like. What do I mean by zero waste? Well as Anne-Marie Bonneau's strap line on zero waste chef  summarises neatly - "no packaging, nothing processed, no waste". There are now a number of zero waste restaurants and cafe's springing up challenging the… Continue reading Pondering a Zero Waste Bakehouse