Bakehouse in Construction!

So we’re constructing a new house this year up on Darachbeg Croft, Muirshearlich, Banavie. And in our new home, we’ve decided we’re going to re-jig our utility/shower room into a dedicated home micro bakehouse for doughies to ferment in for a bit.

ETA? Well we’d love to be in by Christmas, but we also might run out of the non real bread variety of dough (£). But so far so good, and yesterday our builders put the roof of the rear extension on! So we can now start to visualise the bakehouse inside:-


Which has led us to start thinking about how we can shoe-horn a microbakery into this space? Here is the current thinking about how we might lay out our kit:-KITCHEN

The main workspace will be a nice big extra deep work-surface on the north wall acting as our dough table. To the left of this the proving / retarder cupboard, and under the bread slicer and flour bins on dollys (wheels) to allow them to be scooted in and out when needed. The other work surface will house the main sink (for utensils), the oven, the mixer and some storage. On every bit of wall there will be shelves for baskets, lots of cooling sourdough loaves and miscilanious gear such as peels and clothes. And finally behind the door we should be able to squeeze in a hand sink!

Easy huh? Now the hard bit – building it! We’ll be keeping ye posted.

1 thought on “Bakehouse in Construction!”

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