Doughie Happenings – Croisants, Pizzas and Sourdough

Just a little doughies splurge of what’s been happening – enjoy!


Abs whipped up a batch of croissants [will add some pictures later!], freezing a block of croissant dough for another time. Timescale wise croissants work really nice with the sourdough routine [see below], as you can do a lot of the work in between doing regular dough.

Flour Bins

We finally bought some new bins to store flour in; so nice to be getting organised! [a place for everything and everything in its place]



We’ve been whipping up various pizzas – including Veri’s first sourdough pizza! [it was quickly consumed]IMG_1173

Sourdough Batch 2

Did a second sourdough batch in the new ROFCO oven. Upped the quantity to 5 large 800g loaves this time. Below is a record of what we did [useful to look back on as we are still in oven testing mode]:-



  • 585g production leaven (250g flour, 250g water, 85g sourdough starter)
  • 2043g water
  • 2924g flour (50:50 wholemeal / white)
  • 58g salt
  • Giving me 5610g dough

Time Frame:-

  • Evening before mix production leaven, ferments overnight
  • 0800 mix dough by hand, holding back some salt and water
  • 0830 add salt and re-mix
  • [Should have folded but went out!]
  • 1300 Fold
  • 1400 Fold
  • 1500 [Dough now had approx 6hrs bulk fermentation] divide, pre-shape
  • 1530 Final Shape & into proofing baskets
  • 1830 Into oven
  • [Oven on at 230deg C top and bottom, 2hr pre-heat]
  • 20min of steaming (steam pots added) followed by 20min of open steam vents
  • Voila!
  • #realbread you need to give it some time!


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