Wheat Sourdough Starter – Day Zero

Flour arrived from our friends at Highland Wholefoods - some lovely Golspie Wholewheat flour from the far North, and some equally lovely Stoates white from the far south of our little island. We also got some Highland rapeseed whilst we were at it from a farm in Aberdeenshire. Love shopping good local food. Started the… Continue reading Wheat Sourdough Starter – Day Zero

A little about Flour

Flour. It's simply a milled (i.e. ground up) cereal grain. In the case of most bread, the cereal grain is good ol' Wheat. There are two main methods to produce it:- 1) Grinding it between two big stones (stoneground) - an old, slow, cool process which leaves a lot of goodness in 2) Rolling between… Continue reading A little about Flour