A little about Flour


It’s simply a milled (i.e. ground up) cereal grain.

In the case of most bread, the cereal grain is good ol’ Wheat.

There are two main methods to produce it:-

1) Grinding it between two big stones (stoneground) – an old, slow, cool process which leaves a lot of goodness in

2) Rolling between multiple metal rollers (rollermilled) – a new, fast, hot process which takes a lot of goodness out

In the shop you can typically buy the following types of flour:-

1) Wholemeal flour – the whole grain, milled up.

2) White flour – the whole grain, milled up, is then sieved to get all the bran (the bits) out.

3) Brown flour – White flour with a bit of bran put back in

4) Self raising flour – White flour with a raising agent added (i.e. bicarbonate of soda)

5) Flours made from different cereal types & blends  (i.e. spelt, rye etc)

So what are we using at Doughies?

For the bakers dozen experiment, we’re going for “slow” – stoneground, organic, local flour from Stoates Mill in Sturminster, Dorset – here’s the first batch which we just picked up!

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