Quick Photo Update

Just a quick photo update below:-

  • Bakehouse flooring now complete (grouted and sealed) – pretty happy with it. Tonight its time to clean up the equipment and roll it back in, and measure up for a few new bits.
  • The bakehouse internal door has been ordered and is on its way.
  • We’ve registered the space with the Highland Council, so as we can legally make and sell Sourdough bread. This is in advance of selling next month.
  • We’ve planted some oats! (Very excited about this). It could well be that sowing year one is a write off, as we learn what not to do, but you learn through doing; so here’s what we did:-
    • Ploughed the plot;
    • Left the soil to go friable;
    • Broadcast firth spring oat seeds (aiming at 250 seeds per m2, which equated to a medium handful per m2)
    • Harrowed (think raked by hand) the friable earth over the seeds from the ploughed sod to the dug furrow
    • Compressed the earth (think walked all over it)
  • It was really good fun, and an eye opener to the world of planting cereal crops. Tonight or tomorrow we’re going to sow the rest of the plot with an organic Barley blend, then we’ll be letting the earth, sun and highland rain do its work.

1 thought on “Quick Photo Update”

  1. Love your enthusiasm! Look forward to trying your sourdough some day! Good luck with the crops.

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