Bakehouse, Trade Show & Trade Orders!

Bakehouse update

Bakehouse had its inaugural test this week baking for the Lochaber local food show (see below) – more kit due to arrive shortly (big table etc), but we think our wee space is going to be just perfect for our 100 sourdough a day target #microbakery. More photos to follow once we’ve finished…

Bakehouse go!
Show Update

Doughies were sharing the realbread week love at a local food trade fair “Lochaber Food on Lochaber Plates” run by Made in Lochaber & the Lochaber Chamber of Commerce, at the Ben Nevis Distillery.

Sourdough loaves were consumed and purchased, good chat was had with local shops and guesthouses. We were squeezed in between Toast (a new cafe at the WHC), and the Chocolate box – a good place to be!

Doughies table of sourdough love…
Sourdough a Coming…

We’ve still got a few bits to tidy up in the bakehouse (and a whole heap of flour to order!), but we’re going to start our regular weekly bakes in 3 weeks time – trade orders only by 5pm Thurs 9th June; baking slowly over Friday 10th, ready for delivery Saturday 11th in the morning.

So keep an eye our for our bread in shops and on tables Saturday 11th June 2016; its been a long time coming….we’ll let you know where to go buy shortly once we’ve got some trade orders in…. 🙂

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