Salt & Trust

There’s not a lot in our sourdoughs.

Our ingredient list is 1) flour 2) water 3) a pinch of salt 4) a touch of oil (to grease our tins & dough crates. Plus time and love.

So with so few ingredients, its essential for us to select the best flour, the best salt, the best oil. Hence we only buy a few types of flour from mills we trust, ditto salt and oil all from our local Highland wholefood co-operative.

We were a bit shocked to read a few weeks back that the salt supplier, Hebridean Sea Salt, was not all it said it was, with a large proportion shipped in table salt rather than locally extracted sea salt. I did a bit of reading up, and tried to contact the owner, but this piece paints the other side of the story. In some ways I sympathise with a small food producer being bullied by the FSS (like the errington cheese case post I wrote about here). But on the other hand, at doughies we were looking for a local trustworthy small producer – and Hebrediean sea salt clearly says “sea salt flakes harvested from the shores of the remote Scottish Hebridean Isle of Lewis” and “100% Hebridean Sea Salt”. So even if they were still around they would have lost our trust. Regardless; they now no longer exist, so doughies needed to find a new source of salt for our sourdoughs.

So we’ve changed to the closer folks at Isle of Sea Salt. These guys are actually a bit more aligned with our values; they are doing smaller batch production the old fashioned way, using polytunnels and sunlight to power the evaporation process (Hebridean Sea Salt was a bigger high power operation). We’re going to do a weekend adventure to Skye in the near future, and drop in some sourdough to our new salty friends. Our first case of Isle of Skye Sea Salt arrived today, and so from here on this is what will be in your doughies sourdoughs (the last tub of Hebredean Sea Salt is nearly empty).

So the moral of the story – don’t trust the label! You need to speak to the creators of your food, see with your own eyes and only then will you truly know where your food comes from. The food industry is a murky world or mislabeling & mis-information. Fake food. Time for a change…

2 thoughts on “Salt & Trust”

  1. There was an article in today’s Saturday Times about Hebredian Salt! We enjoyed your tweet – nice to know that you have a new salt supplier

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