The food we eat, the food we buy, is a choice. We all universally make this choice regularly (sometimes unknowingly) even when we might not feel we have a choice. And the choice is not always easy. Imagine yourself in the aisle of an un-named store close to where you live, and have a think about these questions:-

Will you choose the organic produce packaged in two layers of plastic, or the non-organic produce supplied loose?

Will you choose to believe and purchase the anonymous branded produce (think here *artisan, *handcrafted, *heritage) or will you trust in an unbranded but known and named producer?

Will you choose the non-organic local product which has travelled a few miles, or the certified organic one that has travelled a greater distance?

Will you pay more for something wonky, small but of known origin? Or will you pay less for something pristine, straight but have no idea of where it originated?

Will you shop at the big supermarket with big suppliers, which has all the options regardless of season, or the independent where the range is limited based on season & locality?

I don’t know the answer to these questions (!) – and often when purchasing food it is not easy navigating these choices, particularly when choices clash – and often the choice might be not to purchase at all, or compromise on the best available. It can though be fun, challenging and rewarding hunting out the best choice – bottom line know this; the choices you make, the food you buy and eat, these choices are steering the food system in one direction or another.

So, what choice will you make today?

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