Rye Variants

There can be no lie, we do like rye. And we think the time is nigh, for some variants to try….(ok sonnet over, here’s a few upcoming rye bread variants which we are going to have a go at over the next few months:-)

20170829_TNB_RyeBeetLoafFinished_023 (1)

Something pink – a Beetroot & walnut Rye like this. Ideally with some  home grown beetroots….

Image result for borodinsky rye

Something black – a darker vegan friendly version of our Bordinsky (using dark molasses / black treacle rather than honey).

Image result for rugbrod

Somthing seedy – a classic grained ryebread like this danish rugbrod.

And something fresh green and herby – rye is a deep flavoured bread so it takes a strong herb to not get outdone by the rye taste alone – last year we tried a rosemary rye which was pretty good, so we’re going to try a few more green things to see if there’s a good match.

Any rye variant suggestions? Comment below if any you’d like us to try.

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