Precious Produce

As i scrape out the mixer this morning, getting out every last bit of dough into a crate ready for its 4-hour bulk ferment, I am pondering just how precious each scrape of dough actually is.

I think the more connected you get to the origins of your food the more your eyes are opened to just how hard, long, laborious but joyous the process is, be it growing grain for bread, tending to vegetables for your table, or rearing animals for slaughter; you realise that the harvest and the subsequent processing of food (in our case dough and bread) is the slow end of a long journey. Not to be wasted. Precious.

We will have some precious sourdough with us at the taste the wild food festival in Mailaig tomorrow (Sat 10th Sept 2016), and there’s a great line up of other producers with their own precious produce – come along get connected with the origins of your food.

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