Oven, Business Planning and Realbread

Bit quiet on the blog front – so much fun stuff to do! Anyway, here’s a little update for ye:-


Dough’ies rising

Doughies wood fired oven (mark 1) has arrived from Vitcas. It’s made up of five pieces of refractory concrete which dovetail together to form a dome with internal diameter about 800mm. Its our first small black oven, and although a compromise in some respects (a bit small & light on mass) its a big step up from a the tiny electric ovens we’ve had before, and should be fantastic for us to hone our traditional baking skills. Couple pics below of it getting setup outside doughies HQ (baker bike ready to go).

Oven lifted on to a it’s temporary base
Oven door grouted on; adding mass & insulation

Business Planning

Abs attended a two day business startup course last week, put on by Highland Opportunity and run at the Alexander Hotel in the centre of Fort William. Abs has since been cramming away with a pen instead of a dough scraper, getting the paperwork for doughies underway so we can legitimately sell #realbread in Fort William. More on this to follow. The question is: are you ready for it??

Business paperwork…


These beautiful loaves are fresh out the oven (crackling away in the kitchen whilst I write this). They are sourdoughs but although predominantly wheat, they are leavened with both a wheat and a rye culture bulked up separately and then brought together in the final dough. We’ve tried mixed levain sourdoughs before but the cultures have a very different makeup, and they almost overpower each other. But not so with this method. A case of the sum is greater than the parts? Anyhow good bread, and a couple spare to hand out…

Realbread crackle…

[and Pigs…]

Well not quite doughies or bread related – but we have some new friends – four lovely saddleback snorters who we are rearing with friends for meat in the fall. So…bacon rolls are definitely on the cards 🙂

Oink! Where’s my real bread?

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