#realbread + #realale = #realnice

#realbread + #realale = #realnice

Abs has been mucking around with two crates of waste beer from the guys at Glenfinnan Brewery – our local ale makers.

The beer is waste as a batch gone wrong whereby a bunch of the wrong type of yeasties took over during the fermentation process. So instead of a sweet yeasty taste the beer has a sour tang (similar in many ways to a sourdough loaf). Still ok for using in cooking though, including our bread.

Trial one is a Hamalman country loaf recipe (a straight yeasted loaf with an overnight pre-ferment) but half the water was replaced with ale, and a good dollop of honey was added in too.

Result = real nice. Think a local beer bread is definitely on the cards for doughies range!

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