Pondering a Zero Waste Bakehouse

Busy getting the bakehouse ready, and have been pondering what a zero waste bakehouse would look like. What do I mean by zero waste? Well as Anne-Marie Bonneau's strap line on zero waste chef  summarises neatly - "no packaging, nothing processed, no waste". There are now a number of zero waste restaurants and cafe's springing up challenging the… Continue reading Pondering a Zero Waste Bakehouse

Starter Hydration – Liquid, Stiff or somewhere in the middle?

Starter hydration has an impact on how you maintain and use your sourdough culture. For example, the other day one wordpress commenter pointed out on my blogpost when is a sourdough starter ready that hydration impacts whether you can successfully use a float test - if for example you have a low hydration, stiff sourdough starter, it won't float… Continue reading Starter Hydration – Liquid, Stiff or somewhere in the middle?

Doughie Happenings – Croisants, Pizzas and Sourdough

Just a little doughies splurge of what's been happening - enjoy! Croissants Abs whipped up a batch of croissants [will add some pictures later!], freezing a block of croissant dough for another time. Timescale wise croissants work really nice with the sourdough routine [see below], as you can do a lot of the work in… Continue reading Doughie Happenings – Croisants, Pizzas and Sourdough

When is a sourdough starter ready?

The readiness of a sourdough starter, for baking or otherwise, depends greatly on the age (hours since refreshment) of the starter in it's perpetual cycle of refreshment. Here's a little diagram of this cycle which we will explore in the text below:- How old is your sourdough starter? Your starter cycle begins at hour zero… Continue reading When is a sourdough starter ready?

Wheat Sourdough Starter – Day Zero

Flour arrived from our friends at Highland Wholefoods - some lovely Golspie Wholewheat flour from the far North, and some equally lovely Stoates white from the far south of our little island. We also got some Highland rapeseed whilst we were at it from a farm in Aberdeenshire. Love shopping good local food. Started the… Continue reading Wheat Sourdough Starter – Day Zero

2015 – Project Sourdough Culture

Happy new year Doughies followers, wishing you all a happy 2015. 2014 has been a bit quiet on the sourdough front here at doughies owing to current life circumstance, with all our bread making equipment in local storage and life continuing in an oven-less static caravan whilst our house is built, and the wood fired oven… Continue reading 2015 – Project Sourdough Culture

Tartine Testing

Tartine Testing Started to get back into the rhythm of baking sourdough on the wood fired oven last Thursday; aiming to start a weekly bake for private consumption and possible some farm gate sales - keeping Doughies ticking over during those sleepless nights with the new bairn, and trying to crack the Tartine sourdough recipe. Couple of pics below;… Continue reading Tartine Testing