Oven Firing No 1

Just a quick post – Sunday night photo report of Friday’s first oven firing (ok, ok, not wood-fired, more Friday’s first switch on!) – Enjoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Oven Firing No 1”

  1. Hello, I just got a Rofco b30 bread oven with its steaming trays but after many attempts, I am still getting very disappointing results. I am attempting to bake a Tartine style loaf. I bake at 230 degrees and introduce 2 oz of water at the time I put my loaf in. The crumb is open, but the crust is thin and I don’t get any ear. I have tried to use a spray bottle to get steam in and the results have been bad as well.
    Any thoughts? Thank you!

  2. Hi Caroline. It took as a while to get the hang of the rofco, so keep at it! Even now we have our oven bloopers now and again. We found this post useful when first using the rofco – https://www.weekendbakery.com/posts/tips-tricks-for-rofco-oven-other-stone-oven-users/ – at doughies we don’t use the steaming trays, we pre-heat oven for 2hrs at 240 deg, then load with bread (full oven), spray in water, bake on closed vents for 20min, open door (release steam), and finishe bake with open vents. We also tend to reduce the deg temp thru the bake, to recreate baking on a reducing wood fired oven, Hope that insight helps, and wishing you some good ears soon.

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