Blog Optimisation

Doing a spot of blog optimisation here at Doughies; here’s what’s new:-

  • Finally upgraded and got rid of ads – no more advertisements cluttering up the blog 🙂
  • Learnt about post categories and tags, then re-categorised & re-tagged all 96 published posts. It was really fun looking back at all the #realbread antics. A nice way of thinking about categories and tags is that Catagories are like the contents page of a blog, tags are like the index page – we’ve got just 6 categories which our posts fall into as follows:-


  1. #realbread inspiration – Posts about either our own bakes to inspire you to get baking or try something different; or posts about all the other people, bakers, posts, videos and books that inspire us.
  2. Bournemouth Bakers Dozen – Posts about a our conceptual realbread experiment in Bournemouth; baking for 12 loaves a week, for 12 locals, for 12 weeks.
  3. Business Developement – Posts about starting up a microbakery in Fort William
  4. Good local slow food – Posts about #goodfood #slowfood and #localfood – not just bread here, anything goes!
  5. Realbread Ingredients – Posts about the ingredients which goes into our bread.
  6. Guide on Sourdough Starter – Currently writing a guide on sourdough starters; these posts are us working up topics for guide inclusion.
  • Added some widgets so you can see our categories and tags on the right hand side, for easy navigation
  • Worked a bit on some new posts, here’s a topic teaser of what’s in progress:-
    • Starter cultures from different grains
    • Starter hydration – wet or stiff or somewhere in the middle?
    • When is a starter ready?

That’s all for now tweeps.

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