New Oven Arrives

Our slightly used but pretty spang dangly bread oven arrived today.

Its a ROFCO B30 bread oven (electric with stone soles), and arrived from Brook Food down in Somerset, though its actually made by ROFCO over in Belgium. Its a micro-bakery oven, not quite a full bakery deck oven, but a good step forwards on the journey towards a #realbread sourdough bakehouse in Fort William.

The oven has 3 stone decks, each 48cm x 48cm. Each deck can handle 4 x large 800g boules or 6 x small 400g boules (I’m sure we’ll get well practised at loading it to maximum!); so about 10kg of dough in total (that’s 12 large boules or 18 small boules) per bake. Not dissimilar (probably a shade more) capacity than our old woodfired oven (currently in hibernation) but should allow continuous baking, and be a bit more reliable (and crucially be indoors!). We reckon a 2.5 hour oven shift (3 x 45min slots + 15min loading) will yield 36 large boules or 54 small boules. Pretty good for stocking a market table 🙂

The new oven joins the following equipment at doughies:-

  • 1 pre-loved Hobart AE200 20 quart mixer [can handle 10kg of dough = one ROFCO oven load]
  • 1 x 12 tray Proofing cupboard [can probably easy handle 36 large loaves proofing]
  • 1 bread slicer [36 large boules sliced = a lot of sourdough toast!]
  • Lots of baskets / tubs / crates! [though interestingly I reckon this will be our first bottle-neck on bake days]
  • A lot of enthusiasm, and growing experience [no limitations here]

That’s one pop up micro bakery ready to pop up! Most of this gear is in storage, and Abi [correctly] won’t let me take over the living room in the tin caravan for baking adventures (boo), so we’re still on the lookout for a doughies space; ideally we’d love to team up with a cafe/restaurant/existing space and start symbiotically; rental in #realbread 🙂 Interested? Drop us a line.

Keep posted for oven beta testing 🙂 I think Friday night sourdough pizza might be on the cards….

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