Proofing Basket – Beta Test

Received our first willow proofing basket, made for us by Paul Winwood, our local basket maker.

Did a quick test last night, to check it’s about the right size. Photos below:-

Dough ready for proofing
Willow proofing basket
Proofing basket wrapped in a linen cloth for an 8hr overnight fermentation
Proofed loaf, risen overnight – yeasts really are amazing (more about that in another post)
Dough starter 1 catastrophy – got a bit excited stirring with a wooden spoon – this went in the bin 😦
On the tray ready for the oven
1 x 800g loaf – relaxed a bit too much this time, but due to us not shaping the dough prior to proofing (it was late!)

11 more baskets on the way for the bakers dozen experiment!

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