Bread Proofing Baskets

A slightly delayed post (the last three weeks have been super hectic at doughies!) but finally getting around to blogging a piece about the 12 proofing baskets we are using each week for the baker’s dozen experiment.

A proofing basket is a shape former; a place to rest the dough whilst it proofs and rises. The basket’s shape ultimately dictates the final loaf shape (and size). You can use pretty much any container as a proofing basket; but traditionally bakers used wicker ones, lined with a linen couche (or cloth).

At doughies we wanted to use those old traditional baskets, but we needed 12 the same (our batch size) and were after a certain shape to fit our current oven; enter Paul Windwood, our local Basketmaker based in Wimborne, who we enrolled to make 12 unique baskets from a bolt of Somerset willow, for the baker’s dozen experiment. Abs went along to see the last basket getting weaved together over a cup o tea – below is some images that tell the tale of basket no 12:-

Thanks Paul! – if you after a custom basket or two, give Paul a bell on 01202 885075 or email paulwindwood [at]

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