Startup Thoughts

Watched a thought provoking feature documentary film last night following a reliable tweet (thanks for the tweet tip @dolectures).

The tweet was as follows:-

“Must watch. A brilliant award winning film about the financial crisis. Via BBC:

Must indeed.

Worth a watch.

I think it was put simplest when someone stated “when you are trying to make something from nothing, you’re gonna have a problem” (you can after all only make nothing from nothing).

So we’re sitting today in a burst bubble economy – a bit like an over proofed and deflated loaf.

And mulling over this brilliant and terrifying inside job got me thinking. What does that mean for a small not for profit startup?

Actually it strengthens what we (and many other socialites) are doing, want to do or have done:-

  • Make things – in our case good bread; a tangible craft product
  • Be small & local – re-compartmentalise the economy tanker
  • Do it not for profit – turn our backs on the “endless growth” model, and not put £ as the key driver

But there is one more thing.

I think right now, for a startup (i.e. us) it means doing it with zero debt. We won’t be going to the bank for a loan to startup. We will make do; borrow, people fund and build relationships. The money will come later.