New home; new flour; new gear

So much to blog about and so little time! Here’s a quick splurge update to keep you informed:-

New home
In our new home at long last in the highlands, and as of this weekend we finally have all our own gear in said home – including hobie the mixer (let batch bakes recommence). A few pics below of arrival antics – digging the doughies veg patch and cooking up some #realbread #localfood pizzas



New flour
Met the friendly and welcoming Mike Shaw of Golspie mill today, who kindly showed me round one of the last (maybe even the last) working watermill up in Sutherland (despite fighting the flu). And whilst there picked up a big sack of rye, a big sack of wholewheat, and a little trial of plain flour. Time to start our new highland sourdough cultures me thinks!



New gear
Received some new gear today from the guys at bakery-bits as follows:-
> some half decent digital scales (at long last)
> a new super sharp lame for dough slashing
> two boule basket alternatives (cane & lined wicker – trial to follow)
> a handy plastic dough scraper


4 thoughts on “New home; new flour; new gear”

  1. Fantastic news. Very exciting and what a beautiful place to have landed.

    Where will the bakery be going and will you still be wood fired? I’m now managing to get 45 loaves per firing from my garden-based-beauty and croissants will cook for ever. If only I was based in an immense, enchanted forest.

    Enjoy the kit-out; I enjoyed every purchase from bowl to mixer and saved a few grand through eBay and avoiding those sites primarily aimed at home bakers.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Francis – we’ll following your lead and going to build wood-fired just outside the house. Quite like the brotforms vs the wicker and cloth…we shall see what Mrs Baker reckons!

  2. I recognise those pizzas – yumee.
    New gear looks good and we’re looking forward to monitoring the progress of the oven.
    Looks like you had a good time at the mill.

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