Back to School – Social Enterprise Course – Day 1 and 2

Doughies has gone back to School.

Not to learn about bread, but to learn about social enterprise.

We have been attending a six day course being run by the Social Enterprise Acadamy held at the Voluntary Action Lochaber facility in Claggan, Fort William (a very interesting place I only recently discovered).

Day 1 and 2 now completed 🙂

There is just a small group on the course intimately talking, trusting and nurturing ideas in a safe creative environment.

Learning points so far:-

  • Kolbs leaning cycle – the different types of learning / learner – activists, reflectors, theorists and pragmatist – decided I’m an activist with pragmatic tendancies.
  • Explored the different sectors (public, private and third sector) and the enterprise vehicles / governances in each sector – very excited about some third sector governances such as community interest companies, which seem to suit doughies a lot more than its current private partnership setup.
  • The triple bottom line of a social enterprise – people planet and profit (i.e. not just money)
  • How this triple bottom line mindset has led to the The social enterprise code and what that voluntary code means
  • Business plans, grants and funding options, and exploring the why of our ideas (interesting TED talk here by Simon Sinek regarding why – the golden circle)

Quite excited to share more as the course develops – Day 3 and 4 (May), and Day 5 & 6 (June) – more to follow….

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