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Social Enterprise Training

So a bit of a delay writing this, but doughies have now completed day 3 and 4 of the social enterprise course. It whistled by at the end of May (and in fact the final day 5 & 6 is fast approaching at the end of June!).

Day 3 covered marketing; Day 4 leadership. Lots of lovely community and bready ideas floating around my head – day 5 and 6 to come the end of this week – full update to follow 🙂

The Uprising, London

Have a look here for a cool event down in London – doughies can’t make it, but thought I’d share with ye bread heads incase you missed it.

but closer to home…

Scotland – The Bread

Andrew Whitley is onto some good stuff which we are hoping doughies can get involved in:-

Have a read here and more importantly, pledge your support here. Doughies are helping germinate this one 🙂

Nourish – Growing the local food economy in Scotland

A good read from Nourish available here all about local food in Scotland.

Here’s some breadcrumbs we took from the report:-

  • There’s a whole host of benefits of local food such as:-
    • Improving public understanding and access to local healthy food
    • Education for children and adults alike
    • Community regeneration as we get closer to where our food comes from
  • Local isn’t just about geography / locality
    • Local is often defined as a radius of 10-60 miles from the point of purchase
    • But this is kind of a limiting description that doesn’t cover the meaning behind “local”
    • Local means more than local
    • It means social proximity and trust between producer and citizen
    • Local food is a relationship; not a commodity
    • I like the idea Nourish have of switching from local to “short food chains” (blog post to follow on doughies short food chain!)

World Bread Awards

Doughies is going to enter the world bread awards (!!) which is run by tiptree, hosted down in London, and supported by Brook food.

Doughies is going to enter as a professional (gulp) and of course we’ll be hitting the sourdough entry (what else could it be!?) with the following:-

Name of Bread:- The Lochaber Sourdough Miche

Unique Ingreadients:- Golspie mill Wholewheat and Rye, Stoates White, Hebridean Sea Salt, Highland rain, time and love.

We’re not expecting to win. But if you don’t enter, how do you have a chance? Its will fun baking and sending our sourdough down for the awards (The bread MUST be delivered fully baked and ready to eat by 12 noon on Wednesday 16 September 2015!) ; can’t wait to start fine tuning a big sourdough miche 🙂

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