Weekly Bake 2 – Update

Wow – weekly bake no 2 is behind us already!

Here’s a little photo update:-

Lessons learned last night & this morning:-

  • Flour gets absolutely everywhere – our kitchen looks like its snowed
  • Deep slashes work best – don’t be timid
  • Kneading a six loaf dough ball is good sticky fun that builds the arms
  • We have a lot to learn about the marvellous world of sourdoughs
  • Bread pudding goes best with a cup of tea.
  • It takes 2hrs to bake 12 loaves (4 at a time) – and 2hrs to cycle round in the morning – so we need to get up earlier to meet toast demand
Looking forward to feedback.
Love doughies
P.S. We’re off to recruit the newest member of our team…

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