A little about yeast


It’s a microscopic fungus that makes Bread rise.

Yeast eats sugars naturally present in the flour, and produces carbon dioxide and alcohol. The carbon dioxide raises the dough and forms the crumb; the alcohol evaporates in the oven.

There’s lots of types; with lots of different Latin names – the one type most used in baking is called Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

Yeast is grown as opposed to manufactured. There are four main forms it is available in:-

1) A wet creamy culture of wild yeasts called a starter.

2) A reduced and compressed cake version of 1) – the classic bakers yeast.

3) A dried and fragmented version of 3) – an active dried yeast.

4) A augmented version of 4) with yeast conditioners – the modern day rapid active dried yeast.

So what are we using at Doughies?

Our ideal is grow our own yeast starters (no 1); in fact, it’s a sourdough starter in weekly bake no 2; where necessary we’re going to use some fresh yeast (no 2), or refresh some active dried yeast (no 3). No 4’s manufacturing process (and additives) is not on the Doughies menu. Here’s our first pot of no 1 and 3.

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