A little about Salt


Sodium chloride.

Plants, animals, humans – we all need a bit; but not too much.

Same goes for real bread – a bit is good (salt is a basic human taste); too much is both bad for us (FSA guidance – 1% or less of final product weight), and the yeast that make’s the bread rise don’t like it either.

In one our our 800g loaves of bread, you can expect about 7g of salt. But as with the other real bread ingredients, it appears that not all salt is created equal. In fact a lot of table salt has additives, typically to a) make it flow nice and b) fortify it to for people’s health.

So what can you expect in doughies bread? We’ve opted for using Cornish sea salt (check them out here) – it’s British sea salt, from british coastal waters – nothing added. Here’s our first pot.

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