Brewing [not baking]

Ok so first off I’m sorry this is not baking.

It’s brewing!

Ginger beer brewing to be precise.

But the amazing thing is so much of what we’ve learnt in baking sourdoughs apply – beginning to realise the simple truth that so many fermented foods rely on the same basic principles.

So anyway, back to the beer.

We’re currently knocking up some home brewed ginger beer, and its a pinch. Here’s how:-

Sugar+Ginger+Yeast=Brew me up!

Sterilise everything.

  • Boil a 1pint of water and cool to 20degC (perfect for yeast).
  • Add in packet of brewers yeast, 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of ground ginger
  • Stir, and put in a unsealed container (gas will be produced)
  • Leave for one day
  • Repeat feed (2 sugar & 2 ginger)- every day for 7 days – this is super similar to building up sourdough culture by feeding water & flour to wild yeast
  • And same as a sourdough culture, gas & alcohol (yip) are produced (in typical bubbly fashion).
  • More steps to follow….

We’re on day 4, and the culture is looking strong.

Day 7 [when it is super strong] we will bulk it up into 8pints [same as bulking up a levain into a dough for bread], ferment a bit more, bottle and rest. Day 14 is pop a top and enjoy a home brew. Can’t wait!

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