Doughies – 1000 realbread followers please

Been quite inspired by David Hieatt’s writeup here on a day course he ran / runs called the do day course.

Two bits really jumped out:-

  • The notion of gathering 1000 true followers – for doughies that is YOU; the community around this blog and interested in what we are doing. For any baker it is also the followers / community around your oven. We need to build up some followers in Fort William where we plan to launch.
  • Have an enemy WAY bigger than yourself; be David and find your Goliath. The 25 mile eating house are fighting for great local food; in the same way we’re fighting for great local bread, in a place  that doesn’t have it. Our Goliath goes by the name of white sliced, and is to be found armoured in sellophane in out of town shopping centres.
Ok – back to the day job for now.

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