5 thoughts on “The Doughies Brand”

  1. A & A,

    Of course the branding’s very exciting but you’ve snuck the Fort William decision in there too. That’s big news!

    Good luck with the big move.

    All the best,


  2. Good luck and God bless for the Big Move to FW. We’ll be thinking of you. Exciting!

    Love, Chris and Jude

  3. Hah yes pretty big Francis – Lochaber here we come. Have to change the blurb shortly – we’ll be blogging throughout [not long till pyromania?]. Thanks Chris, excited!

  4. Can’t wait to be eating some real bread! In Acharacle today and could only find white sliced. Had to stick to a banana for lunch.

    While having neglected this area of preference up to now, I think I’d opt for a fairly minimilist knoughts and crosses – a careless variant of the square where the corners over-run a little. What gives the most distinctive brand – a cool standard slash or a pick-and-mix of different slashes? Do bakers mark their different signature loaves with diff slashes?

  5. I like the fan- tis pretty. maybe not the look your going for but certaintly asthetically pleasing. You could do a mt range! Perhaps difficult to ensure it looks like mountains and not like someone has attacked it with a knife though.

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