Saturday Night Pizzas

It’s all a bit busy at the suburban flat home of doughies.

Changes are afoot; there is packing and boxes involved (but more of that later).

And in the busy-ness of logistics there is alas not a lot of #realbread baking going on [in fact we’ve been packing the baking equipment!].

But’s it’s Saturday night – and with stomachs a rumbling, we decided to make some Saturday night pizzas.

Gallery below with captions.

Ahh dreaming of a real stone oven to bake these in!

Wonder how a pop up pizzeria like this one from Loaf up in Birmingham would get on in the outdoor capital of the UK?

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Pizzas”

  1. mmm.. pizza- I’m definitely up for some tasty home-made pizzas going on in FW! Anything you guys make is delicious- bring it on. By the way the container is cleared (as much as possible) and guest room is set up and even hoovered!

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