Doughies on the Move

Doughies founding partners Adam and Abs on the move

“Crate, pack, clean”.

Our task the last few days.

With a bit of “de-clutter, recycle and dispose” thrown in.

Along with some fun packing of a 3.5tonne panel van (like playing tetras).

Doughies is officially on the move, from sunny Bournemouth, Dorset, England, to wet but beautiful Fort William, Highland, Scotland.

We’ve now moved all our gear – ourselves are due to follow in it’s wake in about 6 weeks time.

All our baking gear (mixers, flour, baskets etc) is now safely stored in a storage container just outside Fort William (thanks Henry). Hopefully dry (it’s got an epic tarp) and uneaten, although we cannot guarantee the wee highland mouse will not find the flour…but that’s ok – it’s stoneground Michael Stoates so who can blame em?

More blogging to follow (it’s all go and we have a stack of  stuff to post on!)

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