A little bit of time…

I think it is the Guinness advert which says “good things come to those who wait”.

And well they do.

At least when it comes to bread.

Added to the simple ingredients of bread (flour, water, yeast and salt) there is the more fickle variable of time. And when it comes to bread, real bread that is, you need to be patient. Because every step of the way you need to add the ingredient of time (not thyme).

Time to mix.
Time to knead.
Time to bulk ferment.
Time to shape.
Time to rest.
Time to shape again.
Time to proof.
Time to bake.
Time to eat.

None of the above (not even eating!) are best done quickly. Which is what real bread is all about – allowing time for the ingredients and attributes of real bread to develop properly.

Have a little watch of this – Andrew Whitley talking about time and its impact on bread.