Update and Un-know

Wow it’s been a bit quiet on the doughies blog of late…our last blog was September 2012! It seems Winter 2012/2013 has just flown by! Well here’s a much overdue update from us at Doughies.

Doughies has been on a bit of a go slow since Abs (head baker) has been focusing on an altogether different type of baking – no yeast or flour here – we have a wee bairn due May 8th, which is creeping perilously close…

20121030 Baby Scan

Christmas for us flew by with some sourdough batch bakes for local business, and a Christmas Fair, concentrating on festive cookies & sweet stollen bread, raising funds for a building extension at Fort William Baptist Church.


January saw the arrival of Moss the dog, a bearded collie from just south of the border (Tweed area). She’s turning into a lovely albiet slightly mischievous wee dog.

IMG_0167 IMG_0681

With the arrival of baby Veitch fast approaching, Abs will be taking maternity leave and therefore as of today Doughies will close for trading.

More exciting news, which will help shape doughies future, is that along with some good friends we have purchased a small Croft in Muirshearlich, a bit further down the canal from where we currently stay. The intention is to build-on and share this croft over the next year or two. Plans are already afoot for some local food production, and we’re excited about how this will integrate with baking bread for doughies.


Throughout the Maternity period, and indeed the croft build & move period, we will be continuing to develop our sourdough cultures & baking from home. We don’t yet know how Doughies will continue, but we still have a strong passion for baking & sharing realbread the way it used to be, and so are learning to let go and un-know over this transition period and just see what happens 🙂

4 thoughts on “Update and Un-know”

    1. Don’t worry Anna – it’s short term with arrival of baby; we’ve just bought a croft with some mates, and there’s a plans a foot for a bigger oven and a more steady supply of sourdoughs later in the year 🙂 Hope to see you around

  1. Congratulations on the baby. Wishing you all the best. Sorry that you won’t be baking for the Fort William food Festival.
    Best Wishes

    1. Thanks anja – I know a cracking food event in Fort William and the head baker’s on maternity leave! Don’t worry we’re planning a bigger oven build and a more steady supply of sourdoughs later in the year 🙂 You would have loved the wild garlic & venison chirozo pizzas we did the other night, good luck at the fesitival might see you there.

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