Big Four Days

Doughies trade stand @ the Three Lochs Festival

Big four days here at Doughies. Some bread related; some highland life.

Thursday saw us take our four saddleback pigs to abattoir in Granton on Spey. Seriously graphic look at big meat industry! The future is definitely small…

Friday it was bake bake bake. We had our six week trial subscribers plus rolls & loaves for the three lochs festival. Oven was running a bit too hot (tried bundles of Faggot wood for the first time) so there was a couple of burned *cough* I mean well fired loaves…

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day at the Three Lochs Festival over in Strontian. All our bread sold and some good interest in #realbread, plus lots of chaps tucking into good honest rolls with their lunch.

Sunday was a mad rush to buy a freezer for the return of the four saddlebacks from the sausage factory.

Time for some bakerly sleep I think!

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