Blog Catchup

After a seriously wet and windy bake last night, reflecting at the day job eating some porridge rolls, and thought a blog catchup was in order.

In no particular order:-

  • Our next wood fired oven will have a roof for the lackey peeling it into the oven (no more peeling in the rain). It will also be bigger, heavier [mass is good] and probably a white oven design as opposed to a black oven. We’ve just bought an old livestock trailer; plan being that after immenent transport of pigs to the sausage factory it will become doughies wood fired oven mark 2. We’re also looking into a deck oven in the short-mid term to keep us going, as turns out Fort William likes real bread, and orders are coming in.
  • Realbread [particularly our lochaber sourdough] freezes quite well, noticeably better if wrapped in foil. Another blog post to follow on this, but could be neat for businesses who want to serve realbread on a daily basis.
  • Last nights bake was 10 large loaves (5 whities 5 brownies) for the billycan who are cooking no fuss organised Ben Nevis Triathalon some pre-run tucka.
  • Tonights bake is an oven load for our 6 week trial subscribers – there’s sourdough, brownies & whities on the dough table at the moment – the bake started last night with some fermenting. #Realbread takes time, but its on the way!
  • Nice to see has a good pic of #realbread on logging in to encourage foodies to get blogging.

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