Road Plan to Sourdough this Summer

Felt the need to write down some monthly bakehouse goals – here’s our road plan to getting some Sourdoughs out the door to the people of Fort William this summer:-

  • April – Flooring! Just ordered (some nice quarry tiles)
  • May – Door! The bakehouse needs an internal door to keep it seperate from the house – it’ll be a half stable door hopefully.
  • June – Dough benches & plumb a small sink
  • July – Shelving (made from recycled scaffold boards!), tidying, organising, stocking.
  • August – Register the space with EHO, and get some practice in.

And this is to be ready for selling bread at:-

Sat 27th August 2016 – Lochaber Agricultural Show

Sat 10th September 2016 – Taste the Wild West Highland Food Festival

And finally re-starting our weekly bake, and starting a living from local food – more to follow….

5 thoughts on “Road Plan to Sourdough this Summer”

  1. Good luck and looking forward to meeting you at the Nourish mentoring session in a couple of weeks. Elaine – Inveraray

  2. Really cool to hear about the progress! Very exciting stuff. Have been hearing lots about beremeal lately and was wondering if you’ve tried using it in anything?

    1. Thanks Anna – beremeal – an old barley meal, Mike at Golspie mills it still, along with peasemeal (an old pea meal) – we have used it in bere bannochs before, and (although I haven’t done it) I think it would be a great addition to say a multigrain sourdough? We’re going to (try!) grow some oats (and barley) this year – check out the latest blog post – hopefully get some local bere and oats in our sourdoughs 🙂

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