Rye-volution Renaissance is Coming

A rye revolution – a rye-volution

A remembering of lost skills – a rye renaissance.

It’s coming guys – local lochaber grain – slow and steady like a slow rising sourdough.

Three little rye rises to share:-

1. A photo of our 2018 rye trial plot – still learning (low density due to germination/weather) but you learn thru failure. This is trial year 3 and we’re soon be ready for something bigger.

2. A nice article by Stephen at Lochaber Environmental Group (LEG) concerning grain.

rye growing art for lt 230818

3. Big rise this one – Gaia Foundation are seeking to run a short networking / learning course next month in Uist, announcement below (doughies and some other locals are going along – contact Maria if interested to attend also:):-

NEW! October/Nov 2018 date to be set. LANDRACE LINK: a SeedSovScot technical and networking visit to South Uist to learn from crofters about small oats, bere and rye growing and harvesting and drying machinery. Driven by interest in growing these traditional Island varieties in Argyle and Lochaber,  I am planning a one or two day trip to South Uist from Mallaig with car-sharing from Fort William. The aim is to make it easier to source traditional varieties across the Highlands and Islands. Please send an expression of interest by email to maria@gaianet.org.  There clearly is also a need for an information hub on access and availability of Scottish landraces seed. I have started working on this, in partnership with local crofter groups and the Scottish Crofting Federation.

Rye-volition – it’s coming. I hope you will share in the journey.

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